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20 Cute Short Nail Designs 2024: Classy Short Nail Designs

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Sometimes we get bored of the usual long coffin or stiletto nail designs and want to experiment with something different.

This is the perfect blog post for you since short nail designs are back in trend.

From cute short minimalist nails to short coffin nails, short acrylic nails, short French tip nails and more.

We have covered most fashion spaces where nail designs are uploaded occasionally and compile 20 of the best short nail designs you can replicate at your next nail appointment.

The nail art in this blog post is infused with Gen-Z taste as the nail designs in 2024 have transformed from simple and colour nail designs to classy, abstract and capturing nail art.

Trust me when I say your manicure is about to look lit if you go for any nail designs in this blog post.

1. Short Blue and White Stripes Nails

The sharp ends of the nails and the beautiful white and blue nail paints are a nice combo.

Alternating the stripe designs along the different nails makes it even more unique.

short nail designs 2024

2. Cute Short Nails With French Tip

It is common for nails with French tip to draw attention.

short nail designs

3. Cute Short Nails With Red French Tip

Red nail designs never go wrong.

red short nail designs 2024

4. Butterfly Short Nails

These nails look absolutely beautiful.

cute short nails
short nail designs 2024

5. Simple Short Nail Designs

This is the perfect nail art for summer.

short nail designs simple

6. Acrylic Short Nails

These “fake nails” are lit. Not too simple and flashy should be nicknamed after this nail design.

short nail designs 2024 black girl
classy short nail designs

7. Freestyle Short Nail Designs

The nail design is an experiment of lines and shapes. Its final look is cute.

short nail designs for summer

8. Ying-Yang Short Nails

This nail is a balance between simplicity and beauty.

short nail designs 2024 simple

9. Flowery Short Nail Art.

This acrylic nail looks beautiful.

colourful short nail designs

10. Minimalist Short Nails

This nail is giving lit vibes.

short nail designs 2024 for dark skin.

11. Short Almond Nails

Alternating three different colours on a nail design is not a small feat. This nail design came out well and it’s looking beautiful.

cute short nails

12. Classy Short Nail Design

You can go for this very colourful short nail design if you want to make a bold appearance at any event.

colourful short nail art

13. Trendy Short Nail Design

classy and elegant short nail design

14. Simple Short Nail Art

classy and elegant short nail design

15. Short Coffin Nail Design

short coffin nails
short coffin nails

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